How to complete the Jacksepticeye Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Jacksepticeye Challenge in BitLife

BitLife loves its self-referential humor, as well as social media tie-ins. Developer CandyWriter has another task for players to finish to earn a new account-wide cosmetic. We’ve got another BitLife challenge this week. You’ve already become Pewdiepie in a previous challenge, now it’s time to repeat the social media stardom. This time, you’re trying to become another legend in online video, the gaming personality, Jacksepticeye.

The Jacksepticeye Challenge in BitLife is a pretty basic one, and it’s actually pretty easy to perform. You do need to rely on RNG though, so it may take a fair bit of luck. Here’s how to complete the Jacksepticeye Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Jacksepticeye Challenge in BitLife

  • Be born a male in Ireland
  • Post only gaming videos on YouTube
  • Have at least one YouTube video go viral
  • Get 10+ Million subscribers on YouTube

Getting started, make your character starting in Ireland and born male, that’s the easy part though, there’s a lot more work ahead, Your goal early in life is to get up to the age to make a Social Media account. You could also help yourself out by having high stats. Getting good Smarts and Looks might help you go viral more often. And the more you go viral, the more views and subs you get.

To make videos on YouTube, just select the Assets tab, then choose Social Media. The various pages you can post to will be presented here. You should then make an account for each platform. When you want to make content, click the associated account, then choose to upload new content. When doing this challenge, you need to make sure you do YouTube. Always pick Gaming from the dropdown when choosing what content to make.

Going viral is the essence of this challenge, so you need to get going on Social Media as soon as you can. Once you age up to 13, you can make a Social Media account.  You should choose a YouTube account.

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The key to making viral content in BitLife is consistency. You need to constantly churn out YouTube Gaming videos as long as you can. Each year, you should aim to put out 4-8 videos. But make sure to pay attention to view counts. If you put out too many videos, your views and subscribers will drop. If you see this happening, stop producing content on that platform until you age up. It’s entirely random, but your Fame and stats do seem to have some impact. But above all, just keep posting Gaming content until you fulfill the challenge requirements.

Much like viral videos in real life, the viral videos in BitLife are entirely random. So just keep posting and try to get lucky, using our tips above to help you out.

We’re not sure if this helps, but it can’t hurt. If you have God Mode, you can max out your Smarts and Looks at the start of the game to make this process easier. You can also grow your Fame by posting on other platforms. You can increase their overall popularity and fame as a social media star by posting subject matter on other platforms, such as Tiktok and Twitter. This can help you go viral, increasing your overall views.

And that’s how you complete the Jacksepticeye Challenge in BitLife.

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