Guide to Star Wars: Squadrons Progression

How does progression work in Star Wars: Squadrons?

Star Wars: Squadrons is out, and has a very interesting setting and gameplay loop. Players are placed in the role of a starfighter pilot for either the New Republic or the Galactic Empire in various dogfights. There are three main gameplay modes at launch in Star Wars: Squadrons. Each one presents different objectives and maps, each complete with their own challenges. So all of this does beg one question, how does Star Wars: Squadrons progression work?

Each of these three game modes will also track your stats and progression independently. The three main game modes are Fleet Battles, Fleet Battles vs. AI, and Dogfight. The PvP Fleet Battles mode is the main ranked play mode. Every match you play has some impact though. Players will earn XP for Levels for any matches they play, as well as a few other rewards. There’s even a singleplayer campaign that has some unlocks tied to it. Expect to find things like paint jobs, cockpit bobbleheads and more by playing the game’s various modes.

Every match you play will affect your K/D ratio and other stats on your profile. There are dozens of ranks in each mode as well, complete with their own unlocks and unique rewards. Players will get more powerful kit the more they play. You have an overall Level that’s basically a measure of how much you’ve played.

You also have a Competitive Rank. Competitive Rank is tied to the current Operation, or eight-week-long season of play. That’s basically the same as your rank in Fleet Battles against other players. Each Operation contains various challenges that will reward you with different cosmetic rewards for completion as well. There will be Daily Challenges as well as Operation-specific Challenges to run through.

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All the ship components are tied to your overall level, with the cosmetic rewards being tied to ranked play. These ship components are locked to the first 40 levels, so you will want to focus on grinding out levels first. That of course assumes you’re spending the currency you get on ship parts. Speaking of currency, here are the two main types you need to worry about while leveling up.

Each level rewards the player Glory, as well as Requisition Points. Glory is the currency that’s awarded via the daily and weekly challenges, which revolve around scoring kills or completing matches. Glory can then be used to unlock unique cosmetics for your cockpit and craft itself. Players spend Requisition Points on unlocking components for their ships piecemeal.

However, at level 40, all of the components will unlock, giving you a wide array of options to kit out each craft with. You will be able to rotate between different builds for each craft using multiple combos, so feel free to experiment. There are currently NO microtransactions for ship parts, so there’s no pay-to-win element so far. Hopefully, that does not change.

So in short, focus on getting to Level 40 before you do anything else if you want to min-max Star Wars: Squadrons progression.

That’s everything I wanted to cover about Star Wars: Squadrons’ progression today. The guide will be updated when more info becomes available.

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