Resident Evil Village Guide – How To Solve The Wine Room Statue Puzzle

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Resident Evil Village has a metric ton of different puzzles and hidden items. From weapon upgrades to other useful equipment, you need to solve many puzzles to get through the game. Among the many hidden elements in the game, there are plenty that you can miss. Some you also have to backtrack to. The task can be a lot to manage for those who haven’t played the franchise before. Puzzle-solving is a big part of the attraction to the RE series. And in some cases, you need to solve simple puzzles to progress. After you get into Castle Dimetrescu, you will have to dodge the Lady and her buggy daughters. Later in the level, you will venture deeper into the castle.

When you get to the room on the map marked below, you will enter a gilded room with a menacing-looking pool in the center. There will also be four statues around the pool. For help with the Resident Evil Village wine room puzzle, follow this guide.

Wine Room Statue Puzzle Solution

When you enter the room at the map point, you might be perplexed about where to go. The answer is down. You need to empty the pool and head down the ladder that is revealed into the basement.

Here’s the hint that the room gives you:

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“Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances, to give their lords their bounty sown, so that soon the wine may flow.”

You need to turn the four statues in a certain order so that they are facing a specific direction.

The Woman is the statue in an elegant dress, The Lord is the mounted knight. The Poor statue is the one with multiple people with sacks and outstretched hands. The cloaked statue holding the bottle is the Wine statue. Here’s the order you can use to solve the puzzle:

  • The two statues (Woman and Wine) on the same side of the room should be facing each other
  • The Lord faces the Woman and Wine statues
  • The Poor statue should be turned toward the Lord

That’s how to solve the Resident Evil Village wine room stone statue puzzle. If you’re thinking about getting the game, you might want to check out the PC system requirements for Resident Evil VillageThat way, you can make sure your rig is up to the task.

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