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Mojang cancels Super Duper Graphics Update

Mojang Cancels Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Update

So bad news Minecraft fans, the planned update that would have massively improved the graphical quality of the block-based adventure has been scrapped. Dubbed the Super Duper Graphics Update, Mojang planned to bring about major changes in their flagship title. Since Minecraft debuted nearly a decade ago back in 2011, the massive scene that has sprung up around the simple adventure title has always asked for one thing, better visuals.

The voxel-based blocky style definitely helped the appeal for those looking to play with digital Legos, and mods filled the gap for a time, adding huge amounts of graphical and performance improvements; and then there’s the mountain of new content that completely changed how Minecraft played. Although over time, the calls for a more appealing and modern look only grew louder.

Mojang worked in several stopgap solutions with graphics packs and shaders, but these were only really a band-aid over the core problem, gamers wanted more. And then during E3 2017, Mojang looked like they had a plan when they announced the Super Duper Graphics Update.

But sadly, it looks like that plan wasn’t meant to be. Mojang posted a short blog update today announcing that due to the “pack proving too technically demanding to implement as planned,” development had to be stopped. They added, “we aren’t happy with how the pack performed across devices,” which is pretty understandable given the wide array of mobile devices, PCs and consoles that Minecraft still runs on. Even though Mojang has axed support for some older versions, it was all but guaranteed that some less-powerful platforms wouldn’t be able to handle the additional processing for a major graphical improvement. I suspect mobile devices were the primary driver behind this decision.

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Mojang has made it clear that they’re open to other options, but that a major graphical overhaul across all versions of the game is off the table for now.

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