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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Japan update is coming soon

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Japan update is coming soon

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Japan update is coming soon, bringing with it newly rendered cities in the Asian country for folks to explore from the sky. The reveal happened during the TGS Online 2020 showcase this week, showing off a new gameplay trailer for the game. Said trailer brings out newly realised Japanese cities and areas for planes to fly around.

The patch will release in Microsoft Flight Simulator on September 29th. All the content will be free for anyone who owns a valid copy of the game. So let’s talk about what Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Japan update includes.

The full elevation map has been added for the entire Japanese countryside, including mutliple major cities. And yes, that means that high-resolution 3D photogrammetry for six prominent Japanese cities will also be in the game. These cities are Sendai, Takamatsu, Tokushima, Tokyo, Utsunomiya and Yokohama. Also, players get access to six more airports, each rendered after real-world locations: Hachijojima, Kerama, Kushiro, Nagasaki, Shimojishima, and Suwanosejima. Each of these will also include new Landing Challenges for each airport.

This new world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release on September 29th. Naturally, the update will be available for free to all owners of the game.

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This is of course just the first batch of new content added to the game. The batch of photorealistic cities will slowly expand over time, with Japan’s iconic locales being first. The most recent patch to the game this week brought the game to version, adding tons of performance and UI improvements.

Check out the trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Japan update down below.

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