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Project Zomboid

There are a lot of zombies in Project Zomboid, like an endless amount. And getting stuck in the middle of a horde is a bad idea. And using a melee weapon might be stealthy, but it’s not always fast enough. When you’re surrounded by enemies and need to make an escape sometimes you have to go loud.

Guns in PZ will also be very loud, so you need to be tactical with their use. Having the ability to hit your targets reliably is vital to making it out of a tough situation alive. Guns are very loud, so be selective about when and how much you use them. You won’t get too far firing off rounds in a heavily infested area by just taking out the zeds directly in front of you. If you’re facing a horde, aim for the zombies on the edges that block your path around the horde. Don’t bother engaging the undead in the middle of the horde unless they’re directly threatening you. A big part of being able to do this is having solid accuracy in Project Zomboid. But first, a bit about where to find the guns you need.

Getting guns depends greatly on where you end up on the game’s massive map. You can find guns at any residential home, for starters, but the chance is quite low. We have a guide that lays out the best places to look for guns in PZ, but the basic idea is pretty simple. You need to just look in the right places. The biggest problem with finding them is that loot is heavily randomized. You won’t always find a gun in the locations listed, but you have the best chances looking in certain places.

Use the list below to know the best places to find guns in Project Zomboid.

  • Police Stations
  • Riverside Police Station
  • Rosewood Police Station
  • West Point Police Stations
  • West Point Gun stores
  • Residential Homes
  • Barricaded buildings
  • Louisville Police Outpost
  • Louisville Army Surplus Store
  • Louisville Military Check Point
  • Military Base north of Rosewood
  • Dixie Police Station
  • Muldraugh Police Station
  • Valley Station Shooting Range
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You can store any gun in your backpack or player inventory, which makes it easy to cart them around when you need them. There are some drawbacks though, you need to be concerned about weight for one thing. These things can take up a ton of space, and carrying around a lot of ammo isn’t an easy thing to do either. To check how much ammo a gun has, open up your inventory and hover the mouse over the weapon. You will get a readout of how many rounds are in the gun at that moment. Be sure to carry many extras if you’re entering a dangerous and heavily infested area.

To load ammo into a pistol or rifle, you’ll need some rounds and a magazine (in the case of pistols and rifles). Just right-click on the magazine in your inventory and select load bullets to add ammo to the mag. You can also select the shotgun and load ammo manually that way.

How to increase accuracy in Project Zomboid

Guns are a little more complicated than just the basic auto-aim common to video games. Previous versions of PZ had a very simple gunplay model, but recent beta versions have improved on this aspect of the game a lot.

The core stat you need to worry about in this case is accuracy in Project Zomboid. If you want to use guns, you’ll need to increase your accuracy. By default, your character in Project Zomboid will be pretty terrible at hitting anything when they fire a shot. The aiming skill in PZ only increases when you fire a ranged weapon, and in unmodded Project Zomboid, that means using guns. As previously mentioned, there are considerations with noise to keep in mind. You will only want to use guns and level up accuracy when you are far away from your base. You don’t want your target practice to lure a horde to your front door.

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