How to claim DLC items in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

So Yakuza: Like A Dragon is out, bringing with it the next mainline game in the iconic Japanese crime drama franchise. And true to form, this new game is weird to the core. Ichiban Kasuga is a huge nerd, and really likes thinking of himself as a hero playing out his own Dragon Quest adventure. He’s not really, but it’s a fun way to approach the changes made to the gameplay in the new title.

With the RPG trappings, comes a bunch of RPG-like items and a whole job system. The game throws a lot of crafting and leveling at the player, but it’s all pretty basic if you break it down into min-maxing terms. If you’re that kind of gamer, this is the guide for you. Why? Because DLC items in this game are a great way to gain an early power boost for the main game and the various mini-games.

The materials set has all kinds of rare and common crafting materials to speed up gear acquisition, for example. Here are all the rare items in the Materials Pack DLC:

  • Empty Cough Drop Tin x 3
  • High-Density Metal x 3
  • Silver Ingot x 3
  • Gold Ingot x 3
  • Pearl x 3
  • Raw Platinum Ore x 3
  • Raw Ruby Ore x 3
  • Raw Sapphire Ore x 3
  • Raw Diamond Ore x 3
  • Toughness Infinity x 3
  • Tauriner Maximum x 3
  • Staminan Spark x 3
  • Resurrection Bolus x 1

And that’s just one section of the Materials DLC. There are multitudes of costumes and other items that can be a huge help for getting through the adventure this game contains. Here’s how to claim your DLC items in Yakuza: Like A Dragon to get a nice power boost.

How to claim DLC items in Yakuza: Like A Dragon

To claim your DLC items in Yakuza: Like A Dragon , open up your smartphone and choose the icon that says DLC on the bottom right. From there, the game will list all the DLC items you have. You will need to get through part of the main story to get this far though. After you have made it to Chapter 3, you should be able to use the function on your phone.

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You may only grab the DLC items a set number of times though, so don’t abuse them. You will see a number listed beside each item in the DLC phone menu, that’s the number of redemptions you have left. You will also notice that some DLC items have a “Switch on” marker next to them as well.

These “Switch on” items are meant to be toggled on and off when paired with certain jobs or mechanics. FOr example, you will see exclusive jobs like the Devil Rocker and the Matriarch that have this option. You will only want to use these when you have the proper party member for them, as they’re meant to be more powerful options of basic jobs.

What are the DLC items?

With there being three versions of the game beyond the base, each one has different DLC items. Some of the basic DLC items in Yakuza: Like A Dragon are restricted to the top-end premium set, the Legendary Hero Edition. Here’s the breakdown of all three premium versions of the game and what’s included.

  • Legends Costume Pack – Found in the Day Ichi Edition, and Hero Edition
  • Job Set, Management Mode Set – Found in the Hero Edition and Legendary Hero Edition
  • Crafting Set, Karaoke Set, Stat Boost Set, Ultimate Costume Set – Found in the Legendary Hero Edition

If you’ve purchased the game already and want to add some DLC to it after the fact, you can. You will need to go to your store front of choice and buy the DLC separately. When you do, you can claim those DLC items in your game using the method above.

The Yakuza: Like a Dragon Day Ichi Edition is priced at $59.99, the Hero Edition is priced at $69.99, and the Legendary Hero Edition is priced at $89.99.

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