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Chimparty for PlayStation 4 shows off the fun in new trailer

Chimparty PS4 Launch Trailer

The PS4 is getting a little wacky with the release of yet another new indie game, this time it’s A new take on mini-game fueled party games.

Chimparty isn’t your hardcore JRPG, it’s not a deep strategy title, and it’s certainly not the next AAA shooter, but what it is is a whole lot of fun. If you’ve player Mario Party or any similar Nintendo title, you’ll be right at home in this new game from NapNok Games.

The setup feels like something ripped right out of a late 90s Nickelodeon show, and it even has an art style that reminds me of the era too. Chimparty puts you in the shoes of a paper cutout family who just wants to plop on the couch and have fun, and much like this fictional family, that’s exactly what you can do in Chimparty.

Chimparty includes a total of 18 mini-games, across 90 different levels, in its main board game mode, each one with their own unique twist and gameplay gimmick. And given that this is a PlayLink title, you’ll be using smartphones as controllers, so there’s that twist thrown in the mix as well. Most of the mini-games are pretty simple, with only a single button action or equally simple control scheme for each one. There’s enough variance in the games to allow for some repeated play for kids or much more casual gamers, but don’t expect weeks of fun out of this game.

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Players can customize their monkey avatars as they battle it out in haunted castles, pirate ships, and jungles. The maps themselves are pretty varied, and look really nice thanks to the power of the PS4 console.

Chimparty is out now on the PS4, check out the launch trailer for the game down below.

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