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Final Fantasy VII Remake install size revealed

Final Fantasy VII Remake Hollow Trailer

Video games have been getting increasingly large in terms of both in-game content and install size. Games have routinely crossed over the 100 GB threshold in size, a rarity in the last console generation. And even though storage capacity has improved, it remains a problem. So gamers are eager to know the install sizes of various games so that they can prepare by deleting data for old games, so they’re ready on the launch of the new title. And it looks like we know the install size of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was nearly 100 GB on consoles, requiring physical editions to ship as two different discs. The release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which came out last November, required a staggering 175 GB of space on install. This trend looks to be getting worse too, as more and more DLC and updates are released and balloon the size of games on hard drives. And with the comparatively tiny amount of storage on modern consoles around 2 TB, game libraries are just too big to maintain at this point. And it looks as though Square Enix will contribute to the problem as well with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

A post that went up on Reddit (which was later deleted but archived in various places) The screenshot shared shows the box art of the Korean version of Final Fantasy VII Remake. This box art details a pretty interesting detail. According to this box art, the game clocks in at an install size of 100 GB on the PS4. The box art is pretty plain, suggesting that this is not the final design, although it’s pretty likely that the install size is accurate.

The gameplay released for the remake shows just how much the visuals have improved, check out some recent footage of Final Fantasy VII Remake down below. And based on that, it seems pretty reasonable that the game is going to be pretty massive. And with some DLC coming too, like the newly teased bonus summons, the game is just going to get bigger over time.

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