Where to find Ladybugs in Grounded

How to craft a Busting Tool in Grounded

Ladybugs in Grounded are a somewhat dangerous enemy in the game. Ladybugs are big enough to push Clovers, Grass, and Dry Grass, sometimes knocking them down and leaving Grass Planks, Plant Fibers, and Dry Grass Chunks. You can often see the areas they have been by this debris. The monster bug is normally docile, but will become aggressive if attacked by the player. Other bugs can also trigger it, so be on the lookout.

When you’re ready to hunt it down for the Ladybug Parts and Ladybug head, you’re probably hunting these down to make the Insect Axe. There are a few locations you can find these little critters:

  • Oak Tree
  • Oak Lab
  • Underneath flowers
  • Mysterious Machine

To kill a Ladybug in Grounded you will first need to prepare. First, you need to have some upgrades to your weapons and armor. The Clover armor that you get from analyzing the Clovers is a good start. When you have some good items, it’s time to take on the Ladybug.

This is one of just many different items that can be found or crafted in the game. You will want to rush for the Tier II tools for a start. You will need to hunt Ladybugs, Spiders and other bugs to find the parts you need for them as well. To craft these items you will also need a Workbench. The next goal you should take on is building a house and setting your respawn points.

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Once you’re ready, head to the locations listed above to fight this rather vicious bug. It has both a charge and a lethal bit attack. You need to be ready with the blocks when taking this beast on. It’s best to stay at range when fighting this boss. You might want to bring some bows and try that if you keep getting caught in charges. If you are locked in close combat, attack from the rear and the side instead of dead on.

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