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Western release of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission confirmed

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Card Creation

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is coming to Switch and PC on April 5th, Bandai Namco announced today, by way of a new trailer for the game. Said trailer can be found below, but let’s get to what you really want to read about and dive right in.

In addition to the wider retail release, the Switch version is also getting a special “HERO Edition” of the game as a special physical release. The HERO Edition will include a copy of the game and five exclusive physical Dragon Ball Super card game playing cards, along with 11 early-unlock digital character cards for players to use immediately in the game.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is a game developed for Dragon Ball and card game fans alike. The story is super tropish anime shlock, and it’s great. The game stars a brand new character as he encounters a new card game developed by Capsule Corporation for the first time. This chance encounter changes his life as the world around our hero begins to unravel. Somehow, the Dragon Ball world has become infected by an insidious evil, and this new card game is the only way to stop it. It’s all very similar to the Xenoverse line of games, in fact, the narratives are somewhat related according to Bandai Namco.

Players will undertake a variety of missions that involve battling cards  to relive and reenact classic Dragon Ball fights. In your quest to save the world and uncover the mysterious powers behind these strange cards, your deck may well become the most powerful of them all.

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In addition to the aforementioned story mode, gamers can also share custom missions that they create and tweak to experience the ultimate challenge. Completing these modes can unlock special rewards like extremely strong abilities and cards. You can even create your own cards, complete with their own abilities, effects, backgrounds and characters, as the trailer below shows.

But if you’re not into creating a library of cards, the game includes a treasure trove of 1,160 cards featuring 350 different Dragon Ball characters throughout the series’ history.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission down below. The game will drop for Switch and PC on April 4 in Japan, and April 5 in other markets.

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