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Warframe announced new pet system and customizable warships

Warframe Beasts of the Sanctuary 7

TennoCon was this weekend, and a lot of news for Warframe fans has landed. Most of the focus was on two upcoming expansions to the game, Railjack and Fortuna specifically. These two new expansions for 2018 promise lots of new content and mini-games for players to enjoy, to let’s dig in.

The Railjack expansion will allow teams of Tenno to crew warships and take them into interplanetary combat. And in true Warframe style, you can customize nearly every aspect of your new ship to your hearts content. Steve Sinclair, game director at Digital Extremes, took to the stage to walk fans through some of the new systems.

Warframe is all about customization, so yeah, you’ll be able to deck out your ship however you want,” he said. “We’re a looter shooter, which means we have progression curves in everything.

And even though the Warframe team is adding new layers of customization, the devs are being careful about feature creep not overloading players. The team has said that the process for upgrading these new ships is a serious time investment that’s being carefully monitored and balanced as time progresses.

The purposes of these new warships are, as one could have guessed, travel and combat. You’ll be able to embark from a planetary surface and head into space, where you’ll be able to fight enemy ships together and even exit the craft as Archwings to board enemy vessels. The goal is for Railjack to be an environment that ties the rest of Warframe’s multiple environments together.

And because Warframe fans seemingly just wanted to play both Warframe and Monster Hunter, Digital Extremes is adding in a new pet system that involves tracking beasts via their poop. Players who wish to can travel to Venus and hunt down various beasts via their paw prints, droppings and other signs, and try to tag them for capture.

As you track the creature through an environment you need to sedate it, and once it has been successfully sedated, tagging it with a special item will allow it to be captured. Think of it as the Warframe version of the Fulton system from MGS V. So if you’re tired of playing Pokemon Go, why not give similar mechanics a try in your gear-grinding shooter, I guess.

But it’s not just pets  and ships that are being added to the game, Fortuna will also allow players to customize their own MOA companions. These are smaller bipedal mechs, and when Fortuna hits, you’ll be able to choose different pieces for your mech to create the perfect combat buddy.

Check out the full Fortuna and Railjack segments in the video snippet below.

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