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Grinding Gear Games announces more Path of Exile 3.6 details

Path of Exile 3.6 Synthesis League

Path of Exile 3.6 was announced this week, revealing the memory-trawling mechanics of the Synthesis League, and now we’ve got more details on incoming skill reworks and other plans for the future of POE.

We talked previously about the skill reworks coming with the new patch, and now GGG has more details about more skills which are going through big changes in the 3.6 update. This most recent series of announcements revealed that a variety of Auras are getting some attention.

Two new Auras are being introduced, Malevolence and Zealotry. Zealotry is all about buffing Spell Damage and Spell Crit Chance, also having a chance to create Consecrated Ground. The skills allows for some pretty interesting interactions focused on scaling Crit Chance and DPS from Consecrated Ground, certain Ascendancies can really benefit from this. The other skill is Malevolence, an ability which grants a small Damage Over Time bonus to various skills. It’s been designed to offer the best synergy with Chaos damage, but will work with a lot of different setups. Even elemental conversion builds which rely on status effects could benefit from this too.

Check below for a video of the two new skills in action.

GGG is also making some adjustments to Anger and Hatred. The damage bonus from Anger has been boosted, bringing its added damage to a point that is comparable with Wrath. Hatred now grants more Cold Damage, making it grant a strong benefit for all cold skills, but the physical damage as extra cold damage has been reduced to compensate.

Another change coming with 3.6 concerns the content introduced in the previous batch of patches, Betrayal League. With the launch of the new patch this March, Betrayal League and its associated NPC, Jun Ortoi, will be ported over to Standard Leagues and the Immortal Syndicate mechanics will make the jump as well. Zones will now have Syndicate encounters multiple times per zone, but will be less common overall. Jun Ortoi will start appearing in Act 9 of the main story. Also, players now have the option to set up their Private Leagues ahead of the launch of Synthesis on March 8th.

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Other areas of the game, like EXP bonuses in some maps, have been adjusted to make the gameplay experience a little more balanced and a bit harder to exploit. Sorry, but no more easy leveling with Breachstones in 3.6. Certain Scarabs have also been nerfed in terms of effectiveness.

One final announcement is a bit of cause of celebration among the more budget-conscious fans of POE. Grinding Gear Games has announced that the next few days will see massive discounts on microtransactions. Many different account features, hideout decorations, armor skins and skill effects are getting swept up in the discounts, so head over to the store page to check out the discounts for yourself.

The 50 Point Sale will run from the time of this post until Feb 25, 2019, so get on it if you want to save some Points.

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