How to take pictures in Watch Dogs Legion Photo Mode

Watch Dogs Legion Photo Mode Guide

There are certain missions that will require you to take various photos in Watch Dogs Legion. You have to build that defiance somehow, and convincing propaganda and evidence of wrongdoing is one of the best methods. Some of these missions will use different terms, but the basic principle is the same, you need to use the Watch Dogs Legion Photo Mode to take pictures of something.

Basics of Watch Dogs Legion Photo Mode

Photo mode is separate from the camera function. You will never use the photo mode for story missions. There will be some tasks that ask you to take photos, they mean the camera app, not the in-game photo mode. These are primarily the  Photograph Evidence side missions. When you want to just take a cool photo of something that happened in-game, you will use photo mode.

Trigger Watch Dogs Legion Photo Mode use the item wheel like you would for camera mode. There will be multiple additional options on the right-hand side of the HUD. Use these to select the mode you want. Once you load into Photo Mode, you can further frame and alter the scene to your living before taking the photo.

Camera Mode

You can also simply pull out the camera using the item wheel and selecting the proper option. Do that by pressing right on the D-pad if you’re using a PlayStation or Xbox controller, or by pressing 3 if playing with a mouse and keyboard. From there, you will be swapped over to the camera view. Point the camera at your target and look for the  “Target in View” marker on the HUD. Just confirm the “Take Photo” prompt to take the picture.

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To photograph evidence, you need to find it first. Each mission involving phots and propaganda will have a target area. A good tactic for reaching these areas and taking photos is to use a recruit with a News Drone. These flying cameras can be flown into a zone and sneakily take some pictures to fulfill various mission tasks. For example, there’s a mission to do this inside King’s Cross Station early on in the game.

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