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Dragon Quest XII teased, coming soon

Dragon Quest XI

With the previous announcement of a new mobile title, Dragon Quest Walk, followers of the JRPG franchise had a new reason to be excited about the series of games that have defined the tastes of many a gaming generation. And even though Dragon Quest Walk is a nice melding of mobile gaming and JRPG mechanics, fans were much more excited about the prospect of a new mainline title.

It turns out that there is a new game in the works indeed according to Executive Producer Yuu Miyake. It’s been around two years since the last mainline entry in the franchise was released.  And after the announcement of the new mobile title, Miyake had the following to say:

“As for Dragon Quest XII, it is currently in preparation for development with [Yuji] Horii. It’s still a ways off, but I wanted to announce something about it.”

Square Enix will be working with the series creator on the new title. Although it’s important to remember that the game isn’t actually in full-time production yet. The team is likely busy assisting with the new mobile ARG while also writing the basic of the story of Dragon Quest XII and planning the gameplay elements.

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Though the title has been confirmed by this tease, it’s unlikely we’ll see much about the new JRPG anytime soon. With E3 2019 mere days away, there’s not a lot of time to plug the game into the Square Enix reveals at the event. The game doesn’t have a firm release date or list of supported platforms as of now.

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