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Metro Exodus gets first bug fix patch, addresses performance problems

Metro Exodus Gameplay

The newest update for Metro Exodus has just dropped from 4A Games. This new patch focuses mostly on fixing some player-facing issues with stability and the like, but there’s also some other tweaks that fans might enjoy knowing about.

Graphically the game gets a minor bump by improving some aspects of the rendering with high-end GPUs. There’s also bug fixes included for the RTX/DLSS support baked into Metro Exodus which should help slightly with performance and address some crashes. This all should combine together to make the game perform slightly better overall.

Speaking of bugs, the game has bugtrap support as of now, which means any crashes or other issues are reported directly to the developers. This should with speeding up turnaround time on patches in the future. It’s worth pointing out that this tool does collect any personally identifiable information nor does it report such information, according to 4A Games.

This update is available on both Steam (for those that have pre-ordered the game and can already play it) and the Epic Digital Store. It should automatically download the next time you run the game.

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Metro Exodus First Patch Release Notes

  • General Stability fixes
  • Optimization for Lower spec PC’s
  • DLSS fixes and improvements to sharpness
  • Fixed wallmark vfx for DX11
  • RTX fixes and optimization
  • Added bugtrap support for reporting crashes to 4A Games
  • Benchmark tool fixes
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