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In an alleged spur of the moment plan, BRAVE decides to try and bait PL into dropping supercaps in an engagement in RNF-YH. The battle report would seem to indicate that even though BRAVE took some considerable losses in terms of ISK, PL did indeed drop some heavy hardware.  So BRAVE in it’s endless search for fights looks to have lived up to the moniker of the “punching bag” of EVE.

To quote reddit user Sillaan:

Hey guys. Figured I’d add this here for those of you who weren’t there. X3n0s asked me to post this here.

Anyway, X3n0s is back. Thank God, consistent content. Anyway, after roaming around with him for a bit, Travis and I had the terrible idea to drop our Archons on the next engagement we got in. I fit a brick tank cyno raptor, and continued to roam with X3N0S.
I undocked my Carrier in RNF to prepare for imminent drops, and we noticed Jennifer Lawrence was in system (known Hurley alt/PL cyno lighter). I immediately rallied the troops in RNF and informed X3N0S, who burnt his fleet down to G-7 to stage just on the gate.

I warped to a Sansha Haven and began ratting in my Archon. JLo hit grid, zoomed around for a bit, and then warped off.

Everyone was on high alert. Dictors and Hictors we’re bought and fit, X3N0S had Travis rage ping out to Brave, and we had confirmation that only Hurley was planning on dropping.

Unfortunately, being in multiple comms can be a bitch, and intel was leaked that we assumed it was going to be just Hurley. So, PL being PL, had 2-3 Supers on high alert.
Anyway, JLo hit grid on me again, and a Cyno went up. 3 PL Nyx’s and an Aeon hit grid, and we all crashed into them with everything we had. Bubbles went up everywhere, L2azor hit grid with his Revelation, and Travis warped in with his Archon.
PL rage logged Supers, and a Nyx lit a hard Cyno. 26 other Supers hit grid, and promptly begain fucking everything up. Hurley cyno’d in, and DD’d Travis off grid immediately.
We kept suiciding in Dictors/Hictors, and almost had the greatest fight of our lives. But this is Eve. Things rarely work out the way you intend for them to, and we had to back off.

All told we lost about 6.5bil in Capitals and around 3bil in Subcaps. I fully reimbursed all losses.

It was some awesome fucking content guys.

Battle Report

Video showing some of the fight from the BRAVE view:

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