Red Dead Online bringing new Moonshiner Role

Red Dead Online’s new Moonshine update brings out new recipes and ingredients. This guide lists all the different moonshine recipes that we’ve discovered on our journey, including the steps to unlock them and the ingredients that they require. Each of the recipes requires a certain set of ingredients, and is usually gated behind some level of progress. A few of the Red Dead Online Moonshine recipes are unlocked from the start though.

Recipies are specific in Red Dead Online’s adaptation of making Moonshine. You cannot make moonshine by just tossing random ingredients into the pot, you will have to work with very specific recipes that will require specific ingredients in certain amounts. So far, they will all be naturally unlocked as you progress through the Ranks of Moonshine but there’s quite a few that we’ve yet to find. The rankings are unlocked as you upgrade your still and speakeasy, as well as completing missions.

Finding some of these recipes are pretty difficult, as you need to complete the Bootlegger story and hit Rank 12 to unlock the best Red Dead Online Moonshine.

Red Dead Online Moonshine Recipe Guide

  • Tropical Punch Moonshine
    Canned Pineapples
    Vanilla Flower
  • Berry Mint Moonshine
    Canned Strawberries
  • Evergreen Moonshine
    Evergreen Huckleberry
    Wintergreen Berry
  • Apple Berry Crumb Moonshine (Bootlegger Story Progress)
    Vanilla Flower
  • Berry Cobbler Moonshine (Rank 2)
    Canned Peaches
    Red Raspberry
  • Wild Creek Moonshine (Rank 6)
    Wild Mint
    Vanilla Flower
    Creek Plum
  • Spice Island Moonshine (Rank 12)
    Canned Apricots
    Golden Currant
    Caribbean Rum
  • Agarita Sunrise (Complete Bootlegger Story)
    Canned Strawberries
    Evergreen Huckleberry
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