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Sunset Overdrive is Finally Coming to PC Tomorrow

Sunset Overdrive Windows 10 PC Launch Trailer

Sunset Overdrive, the product of a seeming fever dream from Insomniac Games, is getting a new lease on life on PC. Since it’s release in 2014, Sunset Overdrive has been a popular, albeit niche title, on the Xbox One. And it’s not really surprising to see it coming to PC. Talk from the devs about bringing the game to PC began back in 2016 in response to fan questions about a port.

Sunset Overdrive is really weird game, but in a good way. The game takes a mix of extreme gore and vulgarity, throwing it together with a free running and platforming action game. You can take your monstrous created character on an adventure through a major city under attack by waves of mutants, and it’s really fun. The freakish monsters and gameplay are pretty chaotic and fun, and it’s only a scant $19.99 in terms of price.

If you haven’t checked this strange little game out, maybe because it was only on the Xbox One, now is the perfect opportunity to get some cheap thrills.

If you want to see what the PC port will actually look like, check out the newly released gameplay trailer for Sunset Overdrive on PC down below.

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