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Zoids Wild: King of Blast teaser trailer

Zoids Wild: King of Blast Teaser Trailer

Today, Takara Tomy published the first teaser trailer for Zoids Wild: King of Blast, the Switch game adapted from the classic anime Zoids franchise.

Anyone who remembers the old Toonami from the early 2000s may well remember this hidden gem of an anime. The original Zoids anime brought together a mecha premise with conscious robots loaded with guns, speed and intensity. The mecha CG and more traditional anime visual styles made the whole thing a treat to behold.

And even though Zoids Wild is a pretty significant departure from the original versions of the animated and video game adaptations, some fans still seem to love it in all it’s mecha-battling glory.

The anime itself is based on an old line of mecha models from the 1980s, so keeping that in mind, the developers have included a special bonus for those who purchase the game first. Some copies of the Switch title will include the Wild Liger Evil armor parts kit, allowing you to customize a ZW-01 Wild Liger toy or a ZW-15 Awakened Wild Liger toy into a Wild Liger Evil toy.

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This new Switch title turns the action up to 11, with lots of flashy maneuvers and plenty of explosive robot battles. The Switch console gives it plenty of room to stretch it’s legs graphically as well. All of the Zoids, which are styled after different vicious animals and complete with unique weapon loadouts, will be rendered in exquisite detail. And with simple controls and lots of replayability, any fan is sure to get their money worth with this entry.

Zoids Wild: King of Blast releases for Switch in Japan on February 28th. The game wasn’t announced in the west for now. Check out the latest trailer for the game down below.

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