How to get Adroit Element in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Weapon Crafting

The new crafting system in Destiny 2 is pretty complex. The Witch Queen expansion may have deeply changed the hunt for god rolls, but that doesn’t mean this is going to be easy. The idea of taking weapons and bolting them together is pretty fun, once you understand how it works. One of the core elements is getting resources, and this guide is going to explain how to get another of the needed resources, Adroit Element in Destiny 2.

Not only are Exotic weapons coming out in all manner of new forms, but there’s also a lot more to learn. You’ll want to make sure you purchase The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2. Without it, you will not be able to unlock any of this, putting a cap on your power levels in-game. But once you do, there are plenty of things to encounter and fight. One of the tools you unlock as you get through the story is called a Glaive. Then you need to consider the new Artifacts. These powerful items offer a new equipment slot to grant your Guardian even more boons in combat.

There are a handful of new crafting materials you need to use for this system. Along with Glimmer, you need to use these items to make new weapons, and to add new perks.

How to get Adroit Element in Destiny 2

Hands down, the best way to get Adroit Element in Destiny 2 is to keep extracting weapons. This process is pretty simple. Read the weapon and figure out how to unlock its full potential. Do the stated goal, then unlock the perks and elements from the weapon.

When you unlock a new Deepsight Resonance weapon, you then need to put time into extracting the weapon. This is the best and most consistent way to get the basic Elements. The idea is that as you play the game with this new weapon, you improve its focus on its Deepsight Resonance. Read the weapon to see what you need to do to get this done. Doing all of this will grant you a bundle of resources each time you do it. But it’s only after the first extraction that you get Resonant Alloy and Ascendant Alloy.  You get 5 Resonant Alloy and 70 Ascendant Alloy on that first extraction, along with most of the other resources, but no Adroit Element for some reason. Each run after that gives you the following: 12 each of Adroit Element, Mutable Element, Energetic Element and Ruinious Element; you will also get 200 Neutral Element.

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The only other way to get Adroit Element is to complete one of the early tutorial quests, Reshaping the Enigma. When you visit Rahool in the Tower he will give you various quests. After getting through the basic tutorial, he will offer you the Reshaping the Enigma quest, which gives you a Weapon Pattern and a few other rewards.

To complete the quest, you need to level up The Engima to level 3. Using it in combat in any activity will take care of this part. You will then be sent to interact with the Relic to learn the very basics of Reshaping weapons. This process involves upgrading a weapon, making them even more powerful. This process is something you will be doing a lot in the Witch Queen, so you’re going to be returning to the Relic a bunch of times.

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