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Stardew Valley Split-Screen Coming in Update 1.5

Stardew Valley Split-Screen Coming in Update 1.5

Stardew Valley will finally have the one multiplayer feature that so many fans have wanted for so long. Stardew Valley split-screen is being added in a future patch.  ConcernedApe revealed split-screen co-op is coming to the farming sim sometime in the future. This will be part of a new 1.5 patch cycle that will add other new features as well.

As for player counts, it will depend on the platform. players on PC and more powerful consoles will have up to 4 in a session. Those on weaker hardware, like the Switch might be limited to two players in split-screen mode. “Splitscreen will be coming to console and PC, though the number of simultaneous players might vary,” said the developer on Twitter.

Various other forms of new content and changes to the game will be included as well, although details are still a bit in the dark.

It’s very exciting to see this chill game still getting content years after its release. The previous big patches added more multiplayer options as well, with the addition of new farm layouts and so much more. It’s a pretty obvious conclusion that this will be one of the more anticipated updates for the game’s community. Players have wanted the split-screen function since the game launched. Stardew Valley split-screen is just the beginning though, as more features will be added when the patch drops.

No release date for the feature and the rest of the 1.5 patch has been announced. Fans can also expect more news as to what version 1.5 entails as we get closer to a release. According to other reveals, the patch includes new fruit to grow and process. There will also be the addition of ducks that you can farm as well. You can now make that truly aquatic farm of your dreams in Stardew Valley.

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