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Metro Exodus breaking Epic Games Store exclusivity with move to Microsoft Store

Metro Exodus Gameplay

Microsoft has been pushing their gaming brands pretty hard, and in some really inventive ways. With marketing stunts like Xbox-branded body wash causing confusion, other moves aren’t so weird. The newly announced move of Xbox Game Pass to PC is part of a wider strategy to develop the Microsoft Store into a stronger player in the PC gaming scene. And now, the Microsoft Store is getting a bit stronger with some new games coming to the platform.

The newest announcement on this front is that the epic Metro Exodus, is finally breaking out from the exclusivity deal Deep Silver negotiated with Epic Games. Said deal was announced before the game even launched, causing plenty of outrage among gaming fans. And it got pretty ugly as the game as delisted from Steam, prompting review bombs against the rest of the franchise.

Now, things have gotten a little less annoying and weird for Metro fans. Despite a planned Steam launch still taking place in February 2020, it appears that the newest entry has made the jump the Microsoft Store. Though this hasn’t been officially announced, it’s listed for a formal release of June 9th, just before the kickoff of the main E3 2019 events. This has prompted speculation that the launch will be rolled into a wider series of announcements on the part of Microsoft at E3 this month.

It will be very interesting to see how this gestating competition between Epic and Microsoft develops. It remains to be seen how either platform could challenge the insane dominance of Valve and Steam. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s going to happen on that front. All I can say is that June is about to be a very interesting month for PC gamers.

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