Where to find light pearls in Monster Hunter: World’s Sizzling Spice Summer Event

Monster Hunter World Update 12.11.00 adds Safi'Jiiva and Stygian Zinogre

So you need to find light pearls in Monster Hunter: World’s Sizzling Spice Summer Event, well that’s easy. The Sizzling Spice Summer Event is now live in Monster Hunter World and it contains some new rewards.

The Fetching Light Pearls quest is now available for Master Rank 1 and above players. The event runs until August 6th, and will be available via the Quest Board. The reward for fetching light pearls in Monster Hunter: World is the Faux Kelbi Layered Armor. Here’s what you need to hand into the Smithy to make it:

  • Herbivore Ticket I.
  • Prized Pelt.
  • 500 pts.

During the quest, you need to gather eight Light Pearls, after which you’ll receive a Herbivore Ticket. That can then be traded in for a special layered armor that’s themed after the event. Start by heading to the Coral Highlands, there are three zones you need to hit up to gather light pearls in Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter World: Where to find Light Pearls

Your target inside these map areas is the Pearl Oysters. Pearl Oysters can be found in three areas: near the center of area 11, underground in area 6, and in the back corner of area 7. Check out the map below for the exact locations of items you’re looking for.

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