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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a disc-less Xbox coming this May

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So rumors from last year about a new Xbox One console that relies entirely on digital distribution are getting a lot more substantial. Microsoft and other gaming companies have been making a much more concerted push for digital distribution in the last few years, so this seems like a great choice.

The original rumors started circulating in November 2018 and centered on a new variant of the Xbox One S which featured no disc drive. The idea was to offer a much cheaper version of their games console by cutting out a few different features, namely the disc drive. This cost-cutting could save up to $100 on the price of the base console, depending on what areas Microsoft decides to improve.

According to a new report from Windows Central, the codenamed “Xbox Maverick” will formally be called the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. According to these reports,Microsoft is planning on opening pre-orders for the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in April of this year with a formal release transpiring in early May.

Speaking of improvements that could be made, there are a few areas that and all-digital Xbox could use help in. Gamers have been wanting something like this for a while, although I would hope it offers a larger storage space to account for the increased need for space on the 1TB-2TB variants of the Xbox consoles. A larger or faster HDD could be a really welcome upgrade at a potentially cheaper price than the Xbox One X. Although all of this is speculation as the specs of this new console are still unknown.

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And with the upcoming announcement of the next generation of Xbox consoles at E3 2019, it would make a great time to get Xbox consoles into the hands of more gamers right ahead of the first real news of an entirely new platform.

Source: Windows Central

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