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Microsoft readying next-gen Xbox for debut at E3 2019

Xbox One

It’s been pretty much confirmed for months now that Microsoft has been quietly plugging away at developing their new stable of consoles which will constitute the new generation of Xbox, we knew as much when the company announced the platform last year at E3 2018, and now we know that this new console will actually come in two forms.

In a new report from French publication, we see that Microsoft may indeed be planning to unveil the next generation of game consoles at E3 2019. There are apparently two devices, one codenamed “Anaconda” and the other “Lockhart.” Both of these are reportedly based on the “Scarlet” architecture which the gaming company has been working on for some time.

JeuxVideo says that Xbox Lockhart will be a more entry-level with a more affordable price and basic features. This will be best for budget-conscious games looking to get in on the new generation of Xbox consoles. Then there’s the Anaconda which will likely mirror the Xbox One X, with support for better performance and visuals, such as 4K upscaling.

And though we don’t know much about the console features or software, we do know that the newest Halo game, Halo Infinite, has been linked to the launch of the new Scarlet platforms. Other software hasn’t been confirmed yet, but if these reports are true we’re likely to learn more at E3 2019.

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The one downside to such a reveal would be that there’s going to be a bit of wait until such a console would release. It would probably be 2020 or later before we ever see the first iterations of a new Xbox. This would mean gamers are stuck waiting for a new console for some time, but the potential for positive buzz cannot be understated. Microsoft stock value could certainly see a nice boost off of the back of E3 2019.

And with Sony opting to skip E3 2019, Microsoft has some pretty big potential to nail a good console announcement. Let’s just hope they do better than the 2013 announcement of the Xbox One which many fans and critics was a big disaster. Hopefully the new Xbox doesn’t try to force idiotic DRM.


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