How to Get Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley is a cool ruby-red mineral that’s very important in a few different ways. Fire Quartz can be used along with 1 coal in a furnace to produce 3 Refined Quartz, taking 1.5 in-game hours to smelt. Being that Quartz is used in a lot of late-game items, you’re probably going to need a ton of it. There are a few different reasons to go and farm it. Advanced tech like the Farm Computer relies on this refined item, as does the Lightning Rod. It’s also used in various turn-ins, such as the Geologist’s Bundle. And for those of you pursuing romance, it can make a fine gift.

How to Get Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley

The most common way to find this stuff is in the deeper levels of the Mines. You need to be on level 80 or below for Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley to spawn. So in short, come prepared with plenty of strong weapons, healing items and other stuff to fight off the hordes of enemies you’re about to face down there. If you’re past the Mines, you have another option. The late-game Skull Cavern also has a chance to spawn this mineral on the earlier floors. This is designed for endgame players to be able to get plenty of the mineral for their necessary crafting adventures.

There are a few other methods to get it, but they’re much more dependent on RNG. The thing is, they can be obtained much earlier in-game than a level 80+ mine can reliably and safely be farmed. Be careful throwing bombs around as it can be accidentally blown up.

This mineral It can also be found by panning or inside Fishing Treasure Chests. You can even find it somewhat rarely on the bottom floor of the dungeon. The other method of finding them is when you crack open Magma and Omni Geodes.

Panning for Fire Quartz

And if you’re curious, panning can be easily unlocked fairly early on. Go to the mountain area any day after the Glittering Boulder is removed. A cutscene will trigger where Willy is wondering about the disappearance of the boulder. He points out the shimmering lights in the water that indicate that the stream is carrying ore and minerals out of the mountain. He then gives the player his spare Copper Pan from his backpack. Just take the pan and head out towards any body of water. Look for the shimmering lights, accompanied by the sound of something “falling” in the water. When you get close, equip your pan and click on the shimmer to loot the contained items. Fire Quartz has a 4.2% chance to drop from panning.

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Fishing for the red mineral

During the fishing mini-game, a treasure chest will occasionally appear inside the vertical bar. That’s the chest you’re after when fishing for items. You’re required to have level 2 or higher fishing to get it to spawn. When you pop a chest, there’s a 4% chance of 1-4 Fire Quartz being contained within.

Are there other methods?

If you’re in a pinch, you can use the Crystalarium to make a batch. Fire Quartz takes 21 hours and 40 minutes of in-game time to create in that way, so it’s very slow to grow.

Once you reach Fishing level 4 and unlock the Crystalarium, the Recycling Machine is a much better source for Refined Quartz than manual farming, so go that route if you can. Instead, use your Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley for gifts to various Villagers. Most characters like the Fire Quartz as a gift; only Leah, Linus and Pierre dislike it.

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