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D&D MMO launches Neverwinter: Ravenloft expansion

Neverwinter Ravenloft Module

The Ravenloft update, Neverwinter’s 14th module, will introduce that game’s playerbase to a gothic horror setting. It will include a new adventure zone, tarot card readings by Madame Eva, a day/night cycle, heroic encounters, and a challenging Castle Ravenloft dungeon.

The new content from this module should also be added to The Foundry, allowing players to make use of new assets in creating their adventures for other gamers. Arc Games added in new microtransactions in the form of new Founder’s Pack for this update.

The storyline for this update draws direct inspiration from the 2016 D&D storyline, Curse of Strahd. In that narrative, players of the tabletop RPG did battle against an army of gothic abominations on their way to slay the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich. Curse of Strahd is the only major D&D storyline that has yet to appear in the Neverwinter MMO, so it’s finally here, and players are terrifyingly happy about it.

The new adventure zone of Barovia is the setting for a Ravenloft-inspired campaign that ultimately ends in a very similar fashion to its tabletop counterpart. Besides well known stuff like Heroic Encounters the map features a unique day and night cycle that impacts some systems, quests, and mobs.

Check out the teaser gameplay trailer for the expansion below.

The mists of Barovia pull adventurers to the Domains of Dread and into the land of the mighty vampire — Strahd von Zarovich,” the press release said. “In the darkest corners of this foreign land, adventurers will find new stories from quests and instances; all-new repeatable adventures with newly designed monster hunts and heroic encounters, where the creatures of the mist must be destroyed; and expanded endgame progression with a new campaign culminating in a journey into Castle Ravenloft itself. Heroes of Neverwinter must work together to free this cursed land from Strahd’s control.

There are also some new economy changes to help fight the rampant hyperinflation in Neverwinter. Astral Diamond drops are getting a big nerf with this update. Astral Diamonds are now an account-shared currency and the refining limit has been changed from character to account based as well. The new limit is 100,000 AD per account per day.

This marks the 14th module released for the MMORPG. Neverwinter is currtenly being developed by Arc Games. This next expansion launches on June 26 for the F2P MMO. The console version should arrive a few weeks later.

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