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Here’s the launch trailer for GYLT, the only Stadia-exclusive launch title

GYLT on Google Stadia

With a total of 12 games coming to Google Stadia at launch, Google is offering a wide array of games across different genres for their streaming service. There’s lots of AAA titles, and a few indie ones too. One of these is the horror title GYLT, the only offering that’s wholly unique to the platform.

Developer Tequila Works has crafted this title to be a mix of whimsical elements with horror style. The story setup is pretty standard horror fare, with the player tasked with finding a missing girl. As you hunt for Emily, there’s going to be some challenges though. There are a variety of creepy enemies looking to get in your way. All of them seem to be styled after a clockwork theme, which offers another unique element for GYLT. The stylized world of fantasy and bright visuals offers a unique theme that horror games don’t often feature.

GYLT will launch on November 19th, alongside the Stadia platform and the rest of the games in the lineup. There are two subscription variants for the streaming service at launch, as users can choose between Base or Pro. Base users simply buy the individual games they want at any time. Stadia Pro subscribers will be able to buy games individually, but also get a limited selection of free titles on a monthly basis.

Don’t despair if you think the selection of Stadia titles at launch feels a little limited. Google will be working with a variety of studios to bring more games to the platform in 2020 and beyond. One of these is the racing title GRID from Codemasters. And GYLT isn’t the only thing unique to Google Stadia. GRID‘s port on the platform offers a 40-car racing mode that’s “not possible on any other platform.”

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