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Is there multiplayer in Serious Sam 4?

Is there multiplayer in Serious Sam 4?

Serious Sam 4 is finally almost here. The newest game in the corny FPS franchise has been in limbo for nearly a decade, and it’s almost here. And now fans are wondering what the PC port looks like. The developers have entered into an exclusivity contract with Stadia which only allows for a PC version via Steam. Isn’t exclusivity fun? Anyway, back to the point. There’s a ton of hype around this prequel, yes it’s a prequel. And with that comes one major question. Will there be multiplayer in Serious Sam 4?

Let’s talk about that by looking at what we know so far. The new game comes out this month on September 24, but there is some bad news if you’re looking to play against your friends in any kind of PvP mode. The game does not support competitive play online, and only features online co-op. So far, Serious Sam 4 is planning to launch of PC via Steam s well as Stadia. According to the game’s Steam page listing, Serious Sam 4 will have the co-op stuff, but nothing has been confirmed about the other items that players might want.

Hardcore fans would likely consider this a downgrade since the previous games, Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam 3: BFE had online and local co-op functionality. They also sported online modes for co-op and online PvP modes. So seeing this new game not have these options is pretty souring. The lack of local co-op is pretty poor. The joy of playing games with your pals on the couch really can’t be beat.

It’s still possible for Croteam to issue updates that add the modes in later though. The likelihood of that happening once the game jumps to console might increase. The game will be getting ported to consoles sometime in 2021 once its Stadia timed exclusivity ends. When that happens, there could be a patch for PC which adds some kind of expanded online functionality. Although I really won’t be holding my breath for that to happen.

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For now though, just be content with some of that sweet gameplay action from the trailer, down below.

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