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GRID on Stadia has massive 40-car mode that’s unique to the streaming service

Google Stadia

It looks like the performance gains of the virtualized platform are already apparent though, as it has been revealed that there’s at least one game in the launch stable for Stadia that has some interesting unique content. In particular it turns out that the racing title has a 40-car racing mode that is only possible with Stadia.

Specifically we’re talking about the Stadia port of the racing game GRID from Codemasters. GRID is of course just one of titles headed for the streaming platform. Even though it won’t be among the initial twelve launch titles available to Stadia Pro subscribers on November 19th, it’s still due to hit before the end of the year.

Speaking of those 12 launch titles, includes a stable than runs the gamut across genres and scale of gaming experiences. Everything from niche indie horror titles like GYLT, to massive AAA epics like Red Dead Redemption to will be represented at launch, with more titles due in 2020 and beyond. And it’s that future that has many developers and gamers excited.

Speaking on said port with WccfTech, Mark Green, Development Director for the company had quite a bit to say on the topic of Stadia, as well as the potential it holds for future games. Being very candid, Green said that the platforms potential for lowering technical barriers is exciting, “I think it sounds fantastic. Personally, I love open world games and the idea of making these even more immersive is great. With our 40-car mode, we’ve probably only just scratched the surface of what Stadia is capable of and I’d love to have more time with the Designers and Programmers looking at just how they can utilise the extra power.”

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According to Green, they teams working on projects for Google Stadia have “only just scratched the surface of what Stadia is capable of,” so it sounds like we have plenty to look forward to in the coming months and years for Google’s effort.

Continuing on the same vein, Green said that there are definite challenges, but it’s fun taking them on as a team.”New hardware always gets us excited, it doesn’t matter whether it’s local or remote, and we know we can rely on all the platform holders to come up with amazing new abilities which designers will hungrily try to understand and use them to create great new features within games.”

It’s certainly an appealing prospect for selling Stadia, as having completely unique content that is not possible on other platforms can definitely lure buyers in. If Google can manage to parlay that advantage into a steady pace of fun and stable games, they may have a winning formula.

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