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Capcom bids farewell to Monster Hunter Frontier Z with new “ending”

Monster Hunter Frontier Z

So that’s it folks! The Monster Hunter MMO is over and done with after more than 12 years. Capcom built quite the brand in various countries off the back of the MMO port of the popular action game. And seeing it go is a little sad for those that played it. To celebrate this last month, Capcom released an “ending video” for Monster Hunter Frontier Z.

If you somehow never heard of Monster Hunter Frontier Z, it was quite the special little game. Years before Monster Hunter World was even dreamed of, Capcom launched a fully realized MMO based on the hit Monster Hunter franchise. Monster Hunter Frontier Z launched for the PC initially on June 21, 2007. Over the years, it was also ported to the PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360 and various other platforms.

You can see the video down below. It’s a really nice sendoff, it even lists the players that took part in the final days of the game.

Capcom announced in June 2019 that the game would be shut down on December 18, 2019. In a statement, Capcom said that it came to the decision to end service after determining it would be difficult to continue offering satisfactory service to players. It even want free-to-play in that final month of service.

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Those twelve years marked a wide array of expansions, patches and new content. Monster Hunter Frontier Z introduced a ton of new mechanics and gameplay elements to the franchise. The game was further improved with new monsters, many unique to the MMO, along with a bunch of new NPCs. For what it was, the game was pretty fun.

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