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Starpoint Gemini 3 drops massive second update

Starpoint Gemini 3

Starpoint Gemini 3 is out now in Early Access, and the continuation of the expansive space sim is still in a very rough state, but it’s getting better everyday. And with the deployment of an upcoming series of changes, developer Little Green Men Games is going to push things to new heights. In a recently published developer update titled Gears n’ Cogs, LGM teased a wide array of new features, fixes and more coming to the sequel.

Starpoint Gemini 3 was already a great improvement on a proven formula, with its increased focus on storytelling and more worldbuilding augmenting an already strong core built around tough combat and interesting inter-factional warfare. That feeling of quality is getting better though, as my particular favorite area of space sims is about to get expanded in Starpoint Gemini 3. As the name of the update implies, there is a pretty major revamp of crafting and industry coming.

Previous entries in the franchise have had some form of a crafting system, usually revolving around recovering blueprints from various other endeavors and using them to manufacture ships and weapons. It’s mostly the same in this game, but the sheer volume of items that can be crafted is immense, with pretty much anything usable by the player being able to be thrown together. Currently blueprints are gained from destroyed enemy ships, but the developers will be putting in some new sources in future patches.

But it’s not just the industrious that are getting new bits to play with. The adventurous among the playerbase are getting some pretty major tweaks to various aspect of combat and related gameplay. Combat changes in particular are handing various buffs to player ships and even increasing rewards by buffing loot chances. For another thing, the flight model is being adjusted in a variety of ways to make it more intuitive. Finally, AI is getting reworked to make it more dynamic and reactive to player choices and progression.

If you feel like this game sounds like your kind of bag, check it out on Steam. Read the full text of this new update on the store page. You can also see some really awesome screenshots of the game in action down below.

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