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Battle Report: Battle for YN3-E3

EVE Online Capital Fleet

YN3-E3 is one of the systems recently taken by Confederation of xXPIZZAXx in Geminate and has recently sparked up some conflict. Legion of xXDeathXx have been doing a lot of fighting for space recently, with rumours that some members have racked up as much as 13 days of jump fatigue trying to hold their space.

In an attempt to take YN3-E3 xXDeathXx dropped several SBU’s and put the system into vulnerability. PIZZA contacted Black Legion. offering them a chance for a fight. Black Legion made their way towards Geminate early on giving themselves time to move via gates, they then logged off in order to remain unscouted. xXDeathXx moved in and began trying to grind down the system in armour ishtars. They had also moved several dreadnoughts and super carriers into range in order to make the grind slightly easier, however they perhaps wisely chose not to field them.

PIZZA formed up an ishtar gang of their own and moved to engage the the xXDeathXx fleet but were out numbered with around 21 ishtars against 56. Black Legion waited with baited breath hoping that the dreads and supers would show up, with PIZZA even dropping a few carriers as bait. However when it was realised that the dreads and supers were not going to show up and that PIZZA would need help killing off the ishtar gang, Black Legion cynoed in with a large tengu fleet and made quick work of the ishtars and support T3s in a very onsided fight with about 250 pilots up against 111.

The final tally came to 16.4 Billion lost by xXDeathXx having lost almost all of their ishtar fleet with BL and PIZZA losing just over a Billion isk worth of ships. All the SBU’s were killed with PIZZA dreads and the system remains in PIZZA hands. xXDeathXx will need to find a way pull more numbers in fleets if they want to try and hold their large amount of sov that they paid a lot of isk to acquire.

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