Vampire Survivors GPU Lag Fix Explained

Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is a hugely popular, and strangely lacking in vampires, popular PC game. The fast-paced action and tons of gameplay variety has made it the must-have PC game. There’s also deceptively simple visuals that mean a lot of PC gamers should be able to play this game and have some bloody good fun. When you launch Vampire Survivors on Steam, you may notice that lag becomes a problem at some point. There can be a lot of enemies and effects on screen, and some PCs might lag a fair bit from all this stuff.

Note that lag won’t become apparent in Vampire Survivors until you get to the game’s later stages. So it’s very much recommended to play the game using the normal launch option first, just to test things out.

What’s the difference between GPU lag fix and normal mode?

Most players should launch Vampire Survivors as usual. The GPU Lag Fix option is only useful under certain circumstances. Vampire Survivors GPU Lag Fix is designed to help those on older PCs run the game. In fact, if you have a high-end PC, you may get worse performance. The outcome with Vampire Survivors GPU Lag Fix is very dependent on your rig and what hardware you’re using, so we can’t give you too firm an answer on what to do.

For some people, GPU lag fix has more lag, ironically. That’s due to more advanced drivers and CPU instructions offering more efficient performance and better visual fidelity. You probably won’t need to use this feature if you’re on a relatively recent rig. There’s no guarantee though, you could always try it out anyway.

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Players who are curious can try out the new feature just to see how it works on their machine. Give the game a few runs to see how you like it, and this will give you a good idea of whether you need to use the anti-lag setting at all.

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