How to repair items in Icarus


You can also patch up your body after the many wounds you’re bound to receive, but your items are a bit more finicky to repair. Items that are damaged in some ways need to be repaired in specific ways. To make your armor and weapons more useful, you need to have a bench for that item. For structures, you mostly use hammers to fix them up. Here’s the basics of what you need to know about how to repair items in Icarus.

Icarus, the latest survival game from Dean Hall, is quite popular. The newest smash-hit survival game on Steam is making a lot of waves. The concept of exploring a dangerous and realistic world is a lot of fun in video games. It’s even more fun with friends. Icarus being a survival game, lends itself pretty well to multiplayer. And with all that, comes a bunch of crafting and exploration to do. The crafting variety in Icarus is surprisingly huge. There are so many crafting items to gather, and things to make.

How to repair items in Icarus

Things can get pretty dangerous if you don’t prepare and learn. It’s a good idea to know how to work around environmental hazards like fire before you get caught out. Fire isn’t the only problem either, combat and other threats can damage your stuff.

The crafting bench allows for more advanced manufacturing (with applicable blueprint points spent) of other crafting stations as well as next-tier items like new weapons. You can get pretty deep into the crafting system in Icarus, and you’re going to see a lot of things that need fixing. The basic crafting bench can be built with these materials, once unlocked:

  • 60 Fiber
  • 50 Wood
  • 12 Stone
  • 20 Leather
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Then, there are the hammers of Icarus. Hammers can repair storm or tree-damaged structures by ‘beating’ them with the hammer. Heres the materials you need to build the basic Wood Hammer, a Tier 1 item:

  • 10 Stone
  • 2 Fiber
  • 4 Stick

You can eventually get all the way to Platinum hammers in high-end research trees. There are also upgrade hammers that can help you improve existing buildings. This Tier 1 item is very useful for managing a growing base. It saves a ton of time.

Using the Upgrade Hammer

  • Craft the building parts you wish to upgrade to.
  • Equip your Upgrade Hammer.
  • Hold R to open the menu where you can select the material you wish to use the hammer with, and apply it to the existing item.
  • Aim the hammer crosshair at the item you wish to upgrade and then left-click to apply the upgrade.
  • The original item will breakdown and be placed into your inventory. You will then see the new item in its place.
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