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How to unlock Logging in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Guides

Being a new MMO, there’s a big and varied map in Lost Ark. But departing from most MMO conventions, there’s actually a lot more depth than one would expect. Of all the different systems, the game has a lot to offer. It would seem the team has taken cues from both other genre competitors, as well as other open-world games. With all that variety, comes a lot of unfortunate player confusion. Players new to the genre, or this specific type of MMO, may be a little confused. These Lost Ark Guides aim to help with that.

The addition of Life Skills already adds a dimension of complexity to the game. Trade Skills are one of the primary ways to make in-game money. And each one can be used to gather resources that help with crafting and making cash. You can either gather items yourself or sell them for quick cash on the market. This is the primary difference with Life Skills. Each Trade Skill consumes Life Energy, and that puts a hard limit on how much you can gather in a day, but it’s still a great way to make fat stacks of cash.

How to unlock Logging in Lost Ark

Logging is one of the six Trade Skills you can learn in Lost Ark. Like each other skill, you need to first unlock it. In this case, you need it to harvest wood from trees. It works very similarly to the likes of Foraging, but with a different target. You will need to head out and find plants spread around the map.

Here’s where to go to unlock all of the Trade Skills, including Logging. And it’s pretty simple to unlock all of the Trade Skills in one go. You need to head to the Lakebar Village found in the West Luterra region. When you get there, you’ll receive a quest called Crown for Lakebar, and upon completing it, you unlock all six Trade Skills

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You then need to grab that tool and head out into the world. Find a tree and chop at it with the correct skill. Once the chopping animation is finished, the raw resources will drop. With the Logging tool equipped to your character, you’ll be able to approach any interactable tree to begin Logging. You can’t log every tree though, so if a tree isn’t interactable, don’t freak out.

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