How to Put Out Fires in Icarus

How to Put Out Fires in Icarus

There are many resources in the multiplayer survival game Icarus the player will need throughout their time. You also need to put a lot of time in the building of bases and crafting items. It’s a lot of work, but you have to protect it. Not only are there beasts out there that will eat you, but environmental dangers are a thing. If you’re too careless, all that hard work can literally burn down. Here’s what you can do to put out fires in Icarus.

How to Put Out Fires in Icarus

To put out Fires in Icarus, you’ve got one option. The Fire Whacker is what you need to use. Once you’ve built the campfire, open up the Tech tree again and look at your options. The Fire Whacker is one Tier 1 item you can craft at this point. Here are the resources you need to make a Fire Whacker in Icarus:

  • 10 Fiber
  • 4 Stick
  • 2 Stone

This is one of the items you want to make first, especially if you plan on spending time in Forest Biomes a lot. When you find a fire, equip the Fire Whacker and hit left-click on the fire. You can then beat the flames out.

There are reports of glitches allowing players to log out and quit missions to extinguish fires. This is likely to get patched, so don’t rely on it. But really, the best defense is being prepared.

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What Causes Fires in Icarus

Weather is a common source of fire in the game. Lightning Storms are some of the biggest threats when it comes to weather. You need to keep a Fire Whacker handy to deal with any fires that spring up during these events. This is especially true in Forest Biomes where there’s lots of wood around. And if you built your base out of these flammable items, prepare to see your hard work go up in flames at least once.

Another way to spread fire is to get careless. If you walk into a lit fire source, such as a campfire, you can then spread fire around. Another way this can happen is if you place a campfire or torch too close to wood or other flammable materials. Be careful where you step.

If you would prefer to learn, we have plenty of guides about this game. If you want to get your base set up, build that shelter. There’s some iron and steel you also want to make, as you get later into the game.  If you don’t want to mess with that, try out some cheats to make things easier. If you’re into endgame crafting, items like Epoxy become pretty important.

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