Where to get black metal scrap in Valheim

How to get and smelt bronze in Valheim

With all of the smelting and crafting you will do in Valheim, there are going to be some rare resources you need to hunt down. Black metal scrap is one of the rarest items you can use for crafting in the game. You will need to take on some pretty tough enemies to get it too. It’s not easy to find, so use this guide to learn where you need to look.

Where to get black metal scrap in Valheim

Black Metal Scrap is a mob drop from Fulings. It requires a blast furnace to be smelted and it cannot be teleported. Once smelted it gives you Black Metal bar. It can drop from the Fuling, Fuling Berserker and Fuling Shaman in small quantities.

You will only find these Fulings in Plains biomes. You’re after the squat goblin-like creatures that have a ton of magical power. The Plains and the Fulings are true endgame challenges. You need to have the best gear and weapons in the game for farming these areas and their drops. That means you need to have not only good weapons, but a steady supply of the best food recipes and healing items in the game.

It’s best to take on Fulings from a range at first. So bring a solid bow and tons of arrows to take them on and make it easier. You will need to do a lot of damage to bring one down, so be prepared.

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The black metal scrap must be gathered from these drops, and you can’t take it through a portal, making getting any a very dangerous prospect. You need to get it back to your base somehow, which I hope is nearby. When you do, it’s time to smelt it.

You need a blast furnace to do that, which you only unlock after defeating Moder, the fourth Forsaken boss. When you beat them, you can now craft the blast furnace. You can enable some of the best crafting recipes in the entire game. You need an Artisan Table to make the Blast Furnace as well. This all makes the whole process of getting and using black metal scrap a big hassle.

Once you’re ready to go, get out there and farm for some awesome new gear. Once you’re farming it reliably, you’ve truly reached the endgame.

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