How does the upgrade system in Ghostrunner work?

How does the upgrade system work in Ghostrunner?

Ghostrunner is a game with a very interesting fusion of block-stacking and combat mechanics. The combat is frantic and difficult, Players will have to contend with various very tough enemies and use their abilities at the right time to overcome tougher fights. There’s also a big focus on strategic choice for the upgrade system in Ghostrunner.

The upgrade system in Ghostrunner adds in more of this complexity as well. Players have multiple types of systems to choose from. Press T on the keyboard to open the upgrades menu and see what you have to work with.

The types of modules are broken into classes these classes: Dash, Deflect, Skills, Map, Blink, Tempest, Surge and Overload. Each one works in a different way, conferring both offensive and defensive skills. Dash is used for movement. Skills and Map Booster Modules will allow for a better vision of what’s happening around you. Deflect and Blink are more defensively-focused in terms of their effect. Surge and Overload are more offensive, as they can stun enemies and the like.

Boosters and Calibration

There are a couple of other parts of the upgrade system in Ghostrunner to understand. The player will get access to a variety of temporary buffs that can be applied to have an impact on gameplay. Booster modules are one element, which apply buffs to certain aspects of your abilities. There are things you need to consider when placing them though, as they can have an impact depending on how you use them.

Players unlock more Booster modules as they progress through the story, so keep checking in to see what’s unlocked. Each Booster applies for a certain type of skills. Some of the best Booster modules can be found below.

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  • Extra Charge: Dash can be useful if we get to use it more often, this allows you to do that.
  • Cooldown: This just straight up reduces the cooldown rather than increasing the number of charges..


  • Reflect: If you are a fan of deflecting and have got a hang of it, Reflect is really good upgrade to have. It reflects the projectile back to the enemy which can prove to be very helpful especially while taking out enemies like Trigger.
  • Boost: This gives players a better chance of getting a deflect in as it increases the effective range.
  • Sensory Microbooster: This sensory boost will make it easier to aim and move as it brings time close to a halt.


  • Range: This improves the range at which Blink applies, making it easier to take on the tougher enemies in the game.
  • Extra Charge: Blink is normally just a one-use ability, get that teleportation back with this ability modifier.

The Calibration panel is how you actually apply Boosters, There are multiple slots to choose from, and you have to pick your abilities carefully. The spacing is important, so be sure to rotate the blocks in an efficient way. You can eventually fill up the open spaces, so try and plan for that. Focus on getting the most important ones down first.

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