How to Get Artifice Armor in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary event is live in Destiny 2. Players have a huge batch of new quests to complete to earn unique rewards. Prepare to feel nostalgic as the game brings back iconic weapons and gear. There are so many things around this game that are pretty challenging, and very rewarding. Various weapons themed after Halo and other Bungie games are now in Destiny 2. One of the many rewards you can get is a bunch of different armor sets.

The Thorn Armor in Destiny 2 and the Marathon armor are also joined by the Artifice Armor. All three of these are pulled directly from the new endgame Dungeon, Grasp of Avarice. Although some of the items in this event are also locked behind the Dares of Eternity and those pesky Treasure Keys. So while you’re out there farming for these item sets, you will also need to aim for the Artifice Armor in Destiny 2. Some of this loot is easier than others, and Artifice is definitely in that latter category of harder items to find.

How to Get Artifice Armor in Destiny 2

The Artifice Set is a loot-based reward from the Grasp of Avarice, but only on Master difficulty. This is the only difficulty that drops it, and it’s hard as heck. As a reminder, the Master difficulty for this activity is recommended at power level 1360. The seasonal cap for Season of the Lost is 1330. This means that most players will need to have a pretty big buff on their gear to get the Power needed to run the activity.

So why do all that extra work? Mostly because the Artifice Armor has an extra slot for mods. This means you can add another seasonal artifact mod to a different piece of armors you’re wearing. That brings the total of mods up to 3, and gives you a pretty big power buff. The one downside is that you need to have free Energy to support the extra mod. So be sure to tweak your setup if you need to.

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Artifice Armor doesn’t come with measures to mitigate mod cost, so it’s a pretty tough balancing act. But really, it’s still worth it. Also, since you’re going to be farming a lot, run Armorer Ghost Mods to help get the mods you want on your drops.

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