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The Witcher Season 2 halts production due to Henry Cavill injury

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A new development on-set will have some major impact forThe Witcher Season 2. The new season of the Netflix show will have to halt production temporarily as main star Henry Cavill has been injured during a stunt.  Henry Cavill has sustained an injury. According to a news report, as he was filming a treetop scene. The scene involved an assault course that had multiple dangers within it. The injury is said to be somewhat serious, but not serious enough to require an ambulance or hospitalization, according to sources.

The series has suffered a few other production delays this year, mostly due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The series has been plagued by delays from the deadly disease for months, and just only recently began shooting. As of now, the show has seen two different stoppages due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The delay caused by the new injury should be pretty minor in terms of The Witcher Season 2’s release date though. No delays have been announced yet, but a source on the production said that he would be off the set for some time after doctors ordered him to rest.

The injury happened during a mid-air sequence being filmed at Arborfield Studios. The exact nature of the injury is unclear, but it is definitely a leg injury that has led to the star being unable to walk properly. It’s unknown if Cavill’s leg was struck during the stunt, or if the harness he was wearing caused some kind of strain.

The series is eagerly awaited by fans, after the first season found raucous success on Netflix. I’m sure we join the rest of the fans and eager viewers in wishing Henry Cavill a speedy recovery. The eight-episode season two is expected to arrive sometime in 2021.

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