Does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck?

Project Zomboid

The legendary zombie simulator, Project Zomboid, has shambled its way onto new grounds for infection. The Knox infection has gone global, and this game is by far the most popular zombie game out there right now. Who would have thought an isometric adventure would find such insane success? A big part of that is how much customization and replayability the game has. The ability for players to live out their zombie survival fantasies in a fun way has been such a great thing for video games.

And with the advent of the Steam Deck, things have taken a turn for the newly chaotic, invading a new frontier of mobile gaming. The gaming PC in the palm of your hand has been a huge help to getting more people into playing games that they never thought they would. And if you want to take games on the go, there’s nothing better. Valve has really unlocked a new realm of video gaming.

Project Zomboid has been a PC-exclusive title for its entire life, but that may not always be the case. With all the new players hopping onto PC gaming for the Steam Deck, there’s likely to be a big question lingering in the minds of gamers. While it’s yet to make its way to any other platforms, there is the potential to take the game on the go. That question is simple, can Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck?

Does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck?

The game is currently verified to run on Steam Deck, according to official sources. That means a few things: the game runs solidly well on a Steam Deck without altering game files or settings, Steam Deck controller icons and control configs are on by default, and the in-game interface is suited to the smaller screen size. This will mean that people playing on the portable platform will be able to get up and running fairly easily.

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There are some things to keep in mind. Being an indy title, there’s a core design here that’s not necessarily suited to everyone. Despite the fact it runs and works well on the Steam Deck, Project Zomboid is the type of game designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind. Though future updates may change this. One upcoming feature is set to really rock the game’s world. Also, with the planned additions of NPC survivors in future updates, the feature will really change how Project Zomboid plays.

Combat becomes kind of a chore if you’re not used to doing things like aiming with guns or melee weapons. It can take some getting used to, but it’s not impossible to learn how to judge distance and the highlight of your target. Keep in mind, being effective in combat is vital, you really don’t want to get bitten.

Does Project Zomboid run on Steam Deck well enough for you? Let us know.

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