Are there NPC Survivors in Project Zomboid?

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The zombie sim, Project Zomboid might seem like a simple isometric adventure, I promise it’s much more than just a basic zombie game. Players must explore a randomized map dodging and fighting back zombie hordes, all while fighting for survival.  Project Zomboid is one of the more interesting zombie games out there. As you push your way through all the hordes, there’s a lot to be found. But there are some problems with it. One of the more lacking things in the game is the lack of NPC Survivors in Project Zomboid.

NPC Survivors in Project Zomboid had been previously in the game as mods, but in a very basic form. The plan for the developer moving past Build 41 are to add something more substantial. As of Build 41, there are currently no survivors present in the game, but this won’t always be the case. A basic version will debut in future updates. With the launch of Build 43 and future patches, the system will be expanded.

The game is getting a pretty interesting approach to NPC survivors in Knox County. The game world has been pretty lifeless for years, but that will eventually change. As part of a planned update roadmap, various new features will be added. You will eventually get to interact with in-game factions and more. The NPCs will offer quests of a sort, tying into the greater story of the game. Project Zomboid will be more akin to Rimworld or 7 Days to Die in some respects after these updates. You can see the roadmap below.

Are there NPC Survivors in Project Zomboid?

The plans also include a more robust personality system for NPCs. Going into that, Build 42 will include a major rebalance and expansion of the crafting system. It could be that NPCs start to claim their own bases and become a more active force against the undead. Although some may be more friendly than others.

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As of now, nothing is certain yet as we’re still firmly in the early days of development. We don’t have any news about when Build 42 and later updates will be released. It seems likley that these future patches could take years to release.

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