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Path of Exile gets new microtransactions, Polaris Mystery Box

Path of Exile: Metamorph

Path of Exile’s 3.9 expansion is live, and players are tearing into the Atlas and the new MetaMorph bossing system.  There were a few bugs surrounding the launch though, so it wasn’t completely smooth sailing. A variety of crash bugs were reported, especially on AMD hardware. Players also routinely noted an issue with the new MetaMorph Samples. Either a level wouldn’t spawn enough of them to make a boss, or the components would be bugged with an ominous “Unnamed Monster Component” moniker.

To celebrate this new launch, GGG has revealed some new MTX goodies for players to spend their Points on. First up is the new Polaris Mystery Box. This new loot box features plenty of cool effects, including a Herald effect, dragon pets, portals, and cosmetic armour sets. If MTX interest you dear POE player, check out the trailer below to see what’s in the box.

As for the non-Mystery stuff, there are two new additions to the POE cash shop this week to celebrate the launch of MetaMorph League. A new Explosive Arrow effect with a decidedly sinister theme is first. The Revenant Explosive Arrow effect offers a rather electrifying new style. But if you want a new hat, Tane Octavious has offered up his own style advice for a new MetaMorph-themed Brimmed Hat. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love weird hats.

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