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Korean eShop leak suggests new FortnitexMarvel crossover

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Update: The Offical Fortnite Twitter account just tweeted this teaser, so it’s definitely confirmed that Thor is coming. Although it’s still unclear what scope the events will have this season.

A new leak has appeared online suggesting that a future crossover between Fortnite and Marvel is on the way in Fortnite Chapter 2, possible for Season 4. The leak itself is pretty simple, a basic teaser page has been posted to the Nintendo eShop for South Korea, showing a new image suggesting that Thor, and possibly some other Marvel icons, could soon land in Fortnite. Take all of this with a grain of salt though.

The teaser was quickly pulled, but not before various sources online found it and archived it. Check out the teaser below. The image shows both Thor, and possibly hints at Galactus as well. It all seems to suggest that the two will show up in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 as in-game events or challenges, much like Deadpool. Whether this comes true or not is still unconfirmed, and it’s unlikely that any announcement will come for at least a few days.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is due to drop out into the wider world on August 27. And if these rumors are true, and a Marvel-themed Battle Pass is indeed coming, things are about to get very interesting. Epic and Marvel have worked together before, so that lends credence to the idea of an all-Marvel season of content. Epic has yet to announce anything though, so hold your breath (although not literally).

There have been some rumblings in the community around the battle royale game as to mixed feelings about the idea of an all-Marvel season though. There are so many mechanics and storylines running through the game that it’s hard to track them all.

Many players also seem to be trying to decide if collaboration on such a level is a good idea. Some are pointing out the potential for a Battle Pass filled with Marvel-related skins, while others are already mourning the loss of any development of Fortnite’s storyline and lore. Some players seem to feel that it’s overloading to have too much going on. And with all of the previous Marvel events in the game, maybe they’re right. Fortnite and Marvel would be fun, but maybe it would be better to have some other stuff wrapped up first.

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