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During this past weekend’s EVE Vegas 2016, CCP Games unveiled its brand new trailer for EVE Online Play For Free version. The free version will launch with the Ascension expansion set for November 15th. Additional details were revealed about skins, new ones to be added and price reductions on already existing ones, improvement to the recruit program and more.

The new EVE is being referred to as EVE: Ascension, as announced in the Developer Blog from CCP.

EVE: Ascension will be released to the world on Tuesday, November 15, after CCP pushed the date back a week due to bugs. The most prominent feature will be the move to free to play, accompanied by a revamped and voice acted New Player Experience. However, most people probably equate it with the release of Engineering Complexes, citadel-like stations that are designed to take over the role of moon-anchored POSes for industry players. [Engineering Complexes Dev Blog] The update also sees changes to off-grid boosting, possibly leveling the small-gang PvP playing field to something more manageable for new players.

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