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Nintendo Direct reveals heaps of new Switch titles and re-releases


The latest Nintendo Direct showing happened earlier today, and contained within was a generous helping of new games for Nintendo platforms Switch and the 3DS.

First up was a new announcement trailer from Square Enix. The new game was originally announced in January and is operating under the working title Project Octopath Traveler. The RPG puts players in control of eight different characters, each with a unique personality and play style. One of the characters may be good at fighting, while another is good at negotiating, or charisma, etc. The art style is sure to please fans looking for a more unique experience, and the Switch with its simple control scheme is a good fit it seems.

A free demo for this new JRPG is available for Switch owners, and the full game will be released some time in 2018. Check out the trailer:

Nintendo also showed off a new Kirby game, Kirby: Battle Royale, a multiplayer title for 3DS that is going to release on January 19, 2018.

But iconic and new Nintendo IPs weren’t the only thing on offer for this Direct broadcast. Bethesda also brought more details about Switch ports for some of its most popular franchises.

It has been confirmed that two of the publisher’s beloved first-person shooters, DOOM and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch in due time.

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Bethesda will be releasing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, for Switch on November 17, but the other two won’t be all that far behind. According to Bethesda, DOOM will be the next title arriving on Nintendo’s home/handheld hybrid at some point the 2017 holiday season. Meanwhile, Wolfenstein 2 will arrive on Switch in the much broader window of 2018. Expect more details about these games in the coming weeks and months.

But these titles were just a few of the ones shown off by Nintendo and its partners this time around. This broadcast included a mix of several known games for their systems, such as Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and a mix of indie titles arriving this year, such as Rocket League on the Switch this holiday, and a new version of Minecraft that is heading to the New Nintendo 3DS today digitally (and in stores in the near future).

The full Nintendo Direct broadcast from today for both the 3DS and Switch can be found below:

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