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Marvel’s Spider-Man gets two new suits as DLC

Marvel’s Spider-Man Accolades Trailer

Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games has just released title update 1.14 for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Included in that update are various things, the highlight of which is a silly pair of new suits for Peter Parker. And even though the Fantastic Four celebrations ended a while ago, Marvel and Insomniac still want to get in on the fun.

The first of the new suits is The Bombastic Bag-Man. This running gag of a suit made it’s first appearance back in 1984 when Spidey teamed-up with the Fantastic Four. Because the fantastic Parker had no spare suit at the time, he was given an older leftover from The Human Torch, and a brown paper bag to act as a mask. The Bag Man suit has appeared in multiple games over the years, starting in 2000 with the Spider-Man game for the PS1.

The other suit is a new variant of the Future Foundation outfit. These costumes have a white and black color scheme costume and is made from third generation unstable molecules. Which is yet another weird compound that acts as an enabled of superpowers in the Marvel universe. This suit has also appeared in various Spider-Man titles over the years.

Spider-Man update 1.14 also includes a bunch of fixes for a few bugs in game, but there’s not much else there in the 230 MB download aside from the two new suits.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is out now for PS4.

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