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How to get Cabochon Embolos in Warframe

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Cabochon Embolos in Warframe are used for some very interesting recipes via the Foundry. Its primary use is as a crafted component for Necramech parts, so you will need to get some if you want to be a big stompy robot. Once you have the Embolos, they can be used in a bunch of crafting recipes. They can be traded at Otak in exchange for Otak Tokens in quantities of 2. It is also used for certain weapons, like Trumna and Cortege. Here’s how to get as many as you could ever want.

Cabochon Embolos in Warframe are crafted from the relevant Blueprint, with each production run yielding 3 Cabochon Embolos from 3 raw Embolos. You also need 1,000 Credits per run. The Blueprint is sold in the new hub area for 8,000 Standing. The reusable blueprint can be purchased at the rank of Associate for 8,000 at Otak’s Gem Store at Necralisk, Deimos. You only need to buy it once, so the expense isn’t too bad.

Where do you get Embolos?

Since you need Embolos to craft these items, that leaves a simple question. And the answer is very basic, you just have to get lucky. Embolos can be acquired by mining blue gem veins in the Cambion Drift.

Normally, you would have to haul yourself around the Drift with your mining tool out to see the nodes pop up on the mini-map. There is one faster way to get any rare resources, including Embolos, in the game.

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Requiem Pylons

Requiem Pylons can be found all over the Cambion Drift, added as a new randomization mechanic in the expansion. These giant floating orbs have various random effects, with some being very useful for farming. You will want to look for the Jahu or Vome Pylons if you’re fond of using your Amp. And you need to do that anyway.

To activate any Pylon, simply shoot it with your Amp to activate its effect. Each Pylon has its own main effect, but all of them also buff resource drops from killed enemies. This makes farming around these things a breeze. The resource drops will be random, but as long as you continually afflict and kill enemies, you get a steady stream of drops.

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